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A girl's guide for all the planning and coordinating
when you are chosen as the Maid of Honor.


Maid of Honor: (noun)
1. The chief unmarried woman attendant of a bride.
2. An unmarried noblewoman attendant upon a queen or princess

Matron of Honor: (noun)
1. A married woman serving as chief attendant of a bride at a wedding.

The maid of honor is usually a sister or close friend of the bride. It is absolutely
okay to have more than one Maid or Matron of Honor in recent times since many
brides have a few close friends they want to be included.

In history Maids of Honor became more common when weddings were planned. For
several days before the marriage, a "senior' maid of honor attended to the bride-to-be.
This maid or matron of honor, as we know her today, made sure that the bridal wreath
was completed and helped the bride get ready for the wedding. In addition, she helped
the bride decorate for the wedding feast.

Being the Maid of Honor has a significant responsibility for you. You are the one who
keeps things organized and under control as well as being the "crisis counselor" for
the bride :) Your moral support and planning will help make a difference in the
outcome of the wedding experience from beginning to end!

Now, get planning!

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